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Mountain cabin in winter

Mountain cabin in winter

What makes us different?

At First Tracks NH, we take a different approach to managing our vacation rental properties. 

  • We take pride in being a small “homegrown” company that is NH based. 

  • A clean and well maintained home is of utmost importance and that is why we work with some of the highest rated cleaners in the area. Our cleaners take pride in their work and understand the importance of 5-star reviews. 

  • Attention to detail and personalized service set us apart from other management teams. We treat your home as if it were our own home. 

  • We offer a personalized connection with the guests that let them know we care about their stay and we resolve issues immediately and professionally.  

  • We keep our program simple to offer you the best pricing possible. No fancy maintenance teams that still charge you for repairs. If repairs arise, we work with community-based individuals that are highly recommended and offer competitive rates.


After a stay, guests will have a chance to rate your property! Unfortunately, the large “corporation” property management companies do not prioritize your home or your reviews. Your home is just a number to large nation-wide companies who take on too many listings which does not allow them to give your property the attention it deserves and your rental revenue suffers because of their mismanagement. These other companies don’t maintain a SUPERHOST status for good reason. Airbnb guests rate your home based on 6 categories: Cleanliness; Accuracy; Communication; Location; Check-in; Value. We strive to make sure your home meets the expectations of our guests and we do our part to ensure the stay is without issues to get your home the 5 star review it deserves. 


Take a look at some of the reviews found on Airbnb with other rental management companies:

“The photos for this place do not represent it properly. They are filtered to make it look brighter than it is. When we arrived, the chalet was very dark inside and the decor outdated. I had to put sheets over the chairs and couch”


“If I could rate this property a zero I would but 1 is as low as the scale goes. This property is a fraud. This shack, not Chalet, isn’t worth $100 @ night much less $300 @ night. The interior is worn, dirty and tattered. The 1980’s furniture upholstery is torn and soiled. The beds are lumpy and worn out. The place smells bad. The owner mis-represents this property and AirBnB should validate properties before posting. I won’t be staying there again nor using AirBnb.”


“This place is great but I really disliked thinking I was booking through Airbnb but in the end being sent to a third party- Vacasa. Why not hire a local caretaker to do the same thing that Vacasa does? This would allow the personal airbnb experience that guests are used to rather than having to download a whole different app to communicate to anonymous employees that are part of some non local corporation. Seems weird to me.”


“I had texted the contact per the weekend (May 31st)before to ask if we could have a late checkout on June 7th. She responded quickly and got us an answer. It was all great.

Then came the day for our very much needed girls weekend. June 5th! The girls and I drove 4 hours and were so excited about our weekend. We walked into the condo and it was dirty and seemed to be occupied as there were clothing, shoes and books laying around.

So I called and texted the contact person with no answers. Finally I get a call from Evolve saying there was a misunderstanding and our reservation was canceled. At this point we are sitting in the condo. Evolve had no resolution and recommended I call Airbnb for a refund and to help with new accommodations. I could not get through to Airbnb and tried to contact evolve again. No one would answer my calls. So we called around and thankfully Nordic Inn was able to accommodate us as it was the first day they could start having guests stay there.”


“The house itself is nice. Clean and comfortable. However, regarding the service I feel really disappointed. After a long and cold hike. We went back to the house and planning to take a warm shower and there's no hot water. We have 8 people didn't shower for the day and night. We called the service number but no one pick up. Until the next day we emailed the management then they sent someone over. The operation manager who came to fixed the water indicated the hot water shut down was due to the "power outage" on our check in date, however we didn't know anything about this power outage. When we tried to ask for more details, the operation manager broke off the conversation, refusing to provide more information, saying only that he would come to the house to turn on the water heater for us. We felt very disappointed that the management team had not come to check the house after the power outage. Even if there are guests checking in that day. We don't think the management team did a good job of the house inspection. Of course, the house itself is very nice and we like it very much. But after a long night without hot water or heat, we were all worried about getting sick and we were unhappy.”


“Place was not as advertised. Non functioning fireplace. Master bedroom door large 2.5'x5' +-mirror was off and found in the closet taking up the entire closet, light over kitchen range did not work. Place in general poor state of maintenance. Existing burn marks on living room carpet from fireplace sparks. The deceit in stating factual conditions of the place we rented really was unacceptable. “

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